Digitalise Your Business

Who We Are

DigitalPCO is a joint initiative between UBE Corporate Solutions & DATUM Clearmind that seeks to promote digitalisation & sustainability in the pest management industry.

We aim to enable pest management companies to fully leverage the power of digital in their business by working with them from start to finish on from the strategy all the way to the execution of their plans.

The founders of DigitalPCO have in between them over 20 years of combined experience in both the digital & pest management space so we are uniquely equipped to help pest management in their digital transformation journey.

What We Do

We assist pest control companies in their digitalisation journey by providing consultation and tools that they can use in their operations.

We are developing and promoting a PCO digitalisation & quality assessment framework that evaluates pest management companies on their service & digital maturity.

We provide companies a matchmaking platform to help pest control seekers and pest control operators to connect based on selected criteria.

We also want to promote sustainability through digital whether its the use of green tech in pest control operations or promoting awareness in the industry.

How We Can Help

DigitalPCO is able to help you develop your digital roadmap. We are able to help you grow your business by digitalising your operations through:

  • The deployment of operational tools that improve productivity

  • The up-skilling your team’s pest management capability

  • The development & execution of digital marketing programs

Our team has holistic Industry experience specifically suited to the pest management industry.

  • We have entomological expertise in our team with over 20+ years of experience

  • 40+ years of collective digital expertise in software development & digital marketing

  • 20+ years of marketing & business management

We provide industry players a platform that assists to assess & short-list the best pest control operator that suits their requirements & needs.

We promote sustainable pest management by connecting PCOs and industry players with new pest control technology & platforms that are built around the concept of net zero carbon, smart cities, green buildings and health & wellness.

Assess Your Digital Readiness

Take a few minutes to share with us about the state of digital in your business so we can help assess your digital readiness. We will then get back to you with a customised report and some recommendations on areas you can prioritise in order to fully leverage the power of digital in order to grow & modernise your pest control business.

Our Services

Digitalisation consultation & training

Sustainable pest management consultation & training

Workforce & service management tools

Pest management-specific CRM tools

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